Monday, September 8, 2008

Hot Damn

The play list for September 8, 2008.

Minus the Bear - Thanks for the Killer game of Crisco Twister
Rocky Road - Devin Lima and the Cadbury Diesel
matt pryor - loralai
kevin devine - not over you yet
brian wilson - morning beat
nik freitas - all the way down
css - move
conor oberst and the mystic valley band -i don't want to die in a hospital
death cab for cutie - grapevine fires
neutral milk hotel - in the aeroplane over the sea
beulah - warmer
neva dinova - dances fantastic
the decemberists - red right ankle
chuck ragan - the boat
The Faint - The Geeks were right
tokyo police club - graves
black kids- i'm not going to teach your boyfriend how to dance
the raconteurs- five on the five

The VMA Highlight

The only one. Well, the only legit one. Here's the performance, pretty bad ass in our views.

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